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Online But Not Connected: The Internet Does Not Equal Globalization


This article was originally written as a guest post for I Dig Culture, an international media channel that explores human cultural diversity and exchange. You […]

오늘의 곰돌이 모험


오늘 아침에 수업에 갔다 오는 길에 뭔가를 본 것같았다… 좀 더 가까이 가고 보니… 아~아주 큰 곰돌이란 걸 알게 됐다! 그랬더니 예의있는 곰돌이 친구랑 사진을 […]

From What Are We Trying to Escape?


  It is only in the last few days that the principles governing my actions in this world have come to light with a clarity […]


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