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At the Dog Park

At the dog park, this thousand-odd-square-meter oasis of chewing, chasing, digging, loping, barking, nipping, pouncing, and rolling canine friends, neural nets wearied by endless curbside crowds may relax in the luxury of
By : admin | Aug 11, 2019

First Position

As an academic who tends to the introverted pole of the MBTI, I find my social circle to be rather finite and reasons to venture beyond the metaphorical university gates somewhat infrequent
By : admin | Feb 7, 2019

Still on Bergensbanen

The overland railway from Oslo to Bergen was supposed to be the most beautiful train route in Europe, and I did not have a window seat. This unfortunate turn of events was
By : admin | Jan 12, 2019

Juniper Latte, No Berries

  The woman two spots in front of me in line at the Seattle-mermaid airport coffee shop moved slowly, deliberately. Her hand searched the air beside her, eventually finding a wallet in
By : admin | Dec 30, 2018

The Growing Garden of Death

  I This story starts with cockroaches. The American Cockroach, to be more precise. Periplaneta americana. Water bugs. Coffee-colored, segmented vermin of various proportions, some as long as a grown woman’s ring
By : admin | Aug 17, 2018

Notes from Geneva, June 2018

I write this on the TGV—le train à grande vitesse, literally “the train of great speed”—from Paris to Geneva, losing myself in the melancholy ballads of Petra Marklund and wondering exactly what
By : admin | Aug 12, 2018

Online But Not Connected: The Internet Does Not Equal Globalization

This article was originally written as a guest post for I Dig Culture, an international media channel that explores human cultural diversity and exchange. You can view the full article here.  The
By : admin | Oct 30, 2014

오늘의 곰돌이 모험

오늘 아침에 수업에 갔다 오는 길에 뭔가를 본 것같았다… 좀 더 가까이 가고 보니… 아~아주 큰 곰돌이란 걸 알게 됐다! 그랬더니 예의있는 곰돌이 친구랑 사진을 찍을 수밖에 없었다~
By : admin | Oct 24, 2013

From What Are We Trying to Escape?

  It is only in the last few days that the principles governing my actions in this world have come to light with a clarity different from, and perhaps greater than, ever
By : admin | Jul 23, 2013

Not Today

I encounter a deluge of frustrating microaggressions every day I am in Korea. Simply because I am white, I must be unable to speak Korean, use chopsticks, eat spicy food, keep my
By : admin | Jun 18, 2013

Your Chance Has Come

Once upon a time five years and about a month ago today, an overworked and underslept college student peered over her nearly finished dinner at a face that would change her life. This
By : admin | May 14, 2013

Our Stupid Brains

A small restaurant I pass every day on the way to my lab has a dog. It’s a medium-sized stocky yellowish fuzzy dog, with a face and build approximating something between a
By : admin | Apr 28, 2013

How to Care for Your Skin Like a Korean

Note that this post is not titled “How to Have Skin Like A Korean.” Misplaced modifiers and ambiguous grammar notwithstanding (news flash: Koreans have skin, and so can you!), I avoided this
By : admin | Apr 22, 2013

Lazy Korean Cooking: Doenjang Jjigae (Soybean Paste Stew, 된장찌개)

    Within my first week of arrival to Seoul last January, one of the first lessons with which I was inculcated as an intermediate Korean language student was that “한국 음식은
By : admin | Apr 21, 2013

My Mice Hate Me, Part II: Other Mice Hate Me Too

Driven blindly by that regrettable desire for ever-richer experience, today I decided to practice mouse handling and dosing at one of my P.I.’s auxiliary laboratories. I met Park Taehee* at the other
By : admin | Apr 8, 2013

The Mean Things We Say About People from Other Countries

  As a foreigner to Chinese, Korean, and Japanese friends, I seem to incite conversations on international topics more often than would seem the norm in strictly native circles. And, perhaps as
By : admin | Mar 30, 2013

The Idiosyncratic Mannerisms of Korean People

    One thing I’ve learned during my three-year adventure in Mandarin Chinese and now Korean is that throughout the course of developing proficiency in a new language, subconsciously picking up on
By : admin | Mar 29, 2013

And Some Scientists Are Loopy. So What?

  During a break in my immunology course on Thursday, our professor suddenly expressed her opinion that Ph.D. holders who choose to stay in a university setting and become science professors are
By : admin | Mar 22, 2013

My Mice Hate Me

My mice hate me. Of course, I would hate, as well, anyone who belonged to a giant hand that picked me up by the tail two to three times a day only
By : admin | Mar 20, 2013